Scorpion Vision Software® 7.2 supports Sony’s GigE cameras

Sony has introduced their new XCG series cameras with GigE vision interface for machine vision applications. They are all supported by Scorpion Vision Software® from Tordivel AS.

The series’ four new cameras address a range of machine vision applications, including a new model that offers ultra-high 5-megapixel resolution and another that provides outstanding image quality in extreme low-light conditions.

The GigE interface incorporated in the XCG series supports large-scale systems that require high-bandwidth data capabilities over long distances of up to 100 meters, such as long cable runs from host computers to cameras. Typical applications include manufacturing environments where cameras are suspended over a shop floor and “clean room” settings where cameras must be situated at great lengths from a PC.

Sony GigE XCG Series

Scorpion Vision Software 8.0 will make it possible to connect multiple Sony GigE cameras to one Sony SmartCam. Version 8.0 is released in January 2010.

More information: Sony XCG Datasheet


Thor Vollset, Managing Director Tordivel AS

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