Scorpion Vision App Repository launched

The Scorpion Vision App Repository launched by Tordivel for Sony ISS Machine Vision Cameras

Open platform brings benefits of smart camera machine vision to OEMs.

The first commercial machine vision App Repository has been launched by Tordivel. By implementing apps from the App Repository, OEMs can instantly, and cost effectively, create dedicated vision sensors for individual tasks using smart cameras from Sony’s Image Sensing Solutions division.

The App Repository is located at It is being populated with a growing number of apps. Many of the apps will be free to download.

The App Repository brings together common usage applications. The first apps created are for component alignment, bar code scanning, color identification and object location; these will be free to download and have been created to run on the smart camera from Sony. Tordivel will continue to add between two and four apps per month throughout 2012.

The App Repository is also open to third party application developers seeking to expand their user base for both niche and common usage apps. Apps can be created using Tordivel’s Scorpion Vision 9.1 SDK.

As part of the launch programme Sony will supply its smart cameras with the bar code reading app pre-loaded.

OEMs with existing cameras will require a flash card upgrade to download apps; Sony will make its smart cameras available with this Compact Flash Card later in Q1 2012, making its cameras Scorpion Vision App Repository ready.

Thor Vollset, CEO of Tordivel said: “To enable as many OEMs as possible to benefit, it was very important that this was created as an open platform. Machine vision is being adopted by a wider range of companies to help in manufacturing or integrate in OEM solutions. Many of these solution only require one or two specific image processing features. With the Scorpion Vision Apps model these solutions are implemented quickly and inexpensively.”

Myriam Beraneck of Sony’s Image Sensing Solutions division said: “Applying the benefits of the mobile sector’s application led business model will bring great benefits to the machine vision market and we’re supporting the Scorpion Vision App Repository. We’d like to encourage as many developers as possible to join the project and contribute to the repository.”

Thor Vollset, Managing Director Tordivel AS
Phone: +47 2315 8700