Innovations with Scorpion Compact Vision

Oslo, Norway,  November 2th, 2013

The family of Scorpion Compact Vision is extended with a series of new exciting products for 2D and 3D Machine Vision. The family targets OEM and system integrators that want a professional configurable, low cost, easy to deploy and rugged multi-camera system for serious machine vision.

Scorpion Compact Vision Family
Scorpion Compact Vision Family Picture 2013

New Scorpion 2D Stinger Camera designed for automation.

The new Scorpion 2D Stinger Camera is a smart Industrial IP-64 camera based on state-of-the-art GigE machine vision. The camera is easy to mount, has integrated strobed white or IR power LED illumination. The unit is powered with 24 V and connected to a the Scorpion Compact PC using a single ethernet cable.

is-2013-0044-A Scorpion Stinger LEDspot-200 - B
Scorpion Stinger LEDspot

The new Scorpion Stinger LEDspot and the Scorpion LEDbars are compatible and integrated with the Scorpion 2D and 3D Stinger Cameras.

The LEDspot that has a ultra compact size, can be mounted anywhere.  Multiple LEDspots can be connected and be driven and strobed from the Scorpion 2D and 3D Stinger Cameras.

A Compact Vision System with one Scorpion 2D Stinger Camera consumes less than 20W including multiple strobed light sources – this is green Machine Vision.

Complete range of industrial solid-state PCs

There is a selection of PCs from the smallest Scorpion Ultra Compact PC – 149mm x 105mm x 44mm – the versatile Scorpion Compact PC with expansion slots, the Scorpion Embedded PC with 5 GigE ports and a powerful i7 CPU and for the most demanding applications – a real Industrial PC with the latest hexacore CPU from Intel.  All the compact units are solid state, equipped with a fast and reliable solid state disk and the latest Scorpion Vision Software X.II.

“The system is based on the latest software innovations in machine vision.”

The core of the system is the latest release of Scorpion Vision Software Version X.II with new Metro look and the best Windows compatibility. The compact user interface enables the user to use the PC with multiple machine vision systems. The Compact Vision System is easy to keep up to date. The Scorpion Vision Installer is continuously updated over the internet. New components, apps and samples are added to the Scorpion Vision Repository.

Upodated Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera

The Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera is a part of Scorpion Compact Vision. To support our vision of 3D in 2D images we have added automatic LED  and Laser strobing to the new Scorpion 3D Stinger MLaser Camera. The camera creates 3D images in real-time combining the best stereo vision and a multiple-line laser. Both red and IR lasers are supported.  The camera is fully supported by the latest Scorpion Vision Software X.II. It comes factory calibrated to the defined 3D field-of-view. The Scorpion 3D Stinger Calculator is handy to select resolution, camera angles and lenses.

More Scorpion Stinger innovations will follow

Scorpion 3D Stinger MLaser Camera creates the 3D shape of a cake in real-time

Thor Vollset – CEO Tordivel AS says “We are so excited with Scorpion Compact Vision. The extended Compact Vision family will make it easier for our partners to succed. The total cost of a machine vision solution will go down and everybody will be happy. The Scorpion 2D Stinger Camera with integrated illumination and the Scorpion Stinger LEDspot make it easier to deploy reliable solutions and reduce deployment cost. When we combine strobing. multiple exposured images and smart image processing we see that the illumination part of many applications can be solved only by a couple of Scorpion LEDspots.  We will continue to support and launch more Scorpion Stinger units to enhance and improve the Scorpion Compact Vision Concept for 2D and 3D machine vision. In UK we won the Food Processing award in Robotics and Automation together with Mitsubishi and Quasar Automation for the unique 3D cake decoration system. The system is based on the Scorpion 3D Stinger MLaser Camera and we see this as an important recognition for our real-time  3D in 2D image processing concept.”

Scorpion Compact Vision Concept
Scorpion Compact Vision System provides powerful machine vision for 2D and 3D applications without the need of programming skills.  The Scorpion Stinger family of hardware components is compatible with Scorpion Vision Software. We provide all hw and sw components needed  to make  machine vision automation. This includes configurable sw for 2D and 3D image processing, image storing and traceability, data logging, configurable IO, interfacing with PLCs, robots and databases, support for the latest GigE cameras with cost and quality tailored to the application.  In the Scorpion Stinger family there are industrial IP-64 2D and 3D cameras with integrated illumination, industrial LEDbars and support for a large number of flexible IO modules. The Scorpion Vision Software supports  more or less any protocol like rs-232, tcp/ip, modbus, profibus and OPC.

Scorpion Compact Vision solves almost any tasks within 2D and 3D robot vision, label inspection, assembly verification, colour identification and gauging.


Thor Vollset, CEO Tordivel AS
Phone:+47 2315 8700

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