Press Release – Tordivel is honored with two Vision System Design Innovator Awards 2020

Tordivel honored by Vision Systems Design 2020 Innovators Awards Program

On June 2020, Tordivel  was presented with two silver-level award in the 3Dcamera and the System Solutions at the Sixth Annual Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards presentation. 

IS-2020-0045 VisionSystemDesignAward

Their Scorpion 3D Stinger Food Safe Scanner (3D Cameras) and the Scorpion 3D Stinger for Pallet Sorting (Vision Systems) was recognized by a panel of esteemed experts from system integrator and end-user companies.

Thor Vollset – CEO and founder of Tordivel says :

We are extremely proud to be honored by Vision System Design this year. Our long term strategy has resulting in a unique cutting-edge 3D Foodsafe Scanner that is easy to deploy in food industry, fish farming or in any other industry. It is proven and designed to excel on massflow inspection and robotics applications on a running conveyor. It is Made in Norway.  The Vision System Award underlines Tordivel as the company that provide everything: Neural Computers, complete bespoke optical systems, encoder interface, SMARTio, Scorpion Vision Software and the actual system itself.  The Scorpion Stinger menu starts with Classic 2D and 3D processing, the best calibration. The main course is 2D scanning, 3D Scanning and 3D Stereo Vision. The dessert is Neural Inspection or Object Location. The Scorpion Stinger Technology solves the most demanding and challenging application or OEM solution.

Scorpion 3D Stinger Food Safe Scanner (Cameras – 3D). The Scorpion 3D Stinger food safe scanner is a 3D color scanner with integrated light sources, cameras, and I/O in an industrial IP67 rated and food safe IP69K housing. The scanner has high dynamic range for working with low contrast surfaces, frame rates up to 3500 fps, encoder-driven image capture, and targets advanced food quality inspection for robot-based applications running on a conveyor.

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Scorpion 3D Stinger for Pallet Sorting (Vision systems). The Scorpion 3D Stinger for Pallet Sorting is designed for automatic inspection of pallets used for transportation of food and other goods. The system sorts wooden and plastic pallets based on damage, cleanliness, and appearance. Additionally, the system uses high-resolution color and 3D scanning of all pallet sides, handles multiple pallet types and sizes, and can sort 480 pallets / hour, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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“This prestigious program allows Vision Systems Design to celebrate and recognize the most innovative products and services in the vision and image processing industry. Our 2020 Honorees are an outstanding example of companies who are making an impact in the industry.”

About Vision Systems Design

Published since 1996, Vision Systems Design is a global resource for engineers, engineering managers and systems integrators that provides comprehensive global coverage of vision systems technologies, applications, and markets. Vision Systems Design’s magazine, website (, email newsletters and webcasts report on and analyze the latest technology and business developments and trends in the worldwide machine vision and image processing industry.

About The Vision Systems Design 2019 Innovators Awards program

The Vision Systems Design 2019 Innovators Awards program reviewed and recognized the most innovative products and services in the vision and image processing industry. Honorees were announced at Automate 2019 held in Chicago, IL, USA. Criteria used in the Innovators Awards ranking included: originality, innovation; impact on designers, systems integrators and end-users; fulfilling a need in the market that hasn’t been addressed, leveraging a novel technology, and increasing productivity.

About Tordivel

Tordivel AS develops and sells Scorpion Vision Software, which is the world’s most powerful, flexible and complete vision system for classic and neural 2D and 3D processing with integrated user interface and communication with external systems. It is used to make solutions for robot guidance, quality control, sorting and more.

Scorpion 3D Stinger™ for Robot Vision is designed to solve manufacturers’ classic challenge:  Picking parts from a conveyor belt, a pallet or a crate or Palletizing boxes on a pallet. Scorpion 3D Stinger™  captures images, identifies and locates the product and sends the id and 3D location to a picking robot.

Tordivel implements advanced vision solutions where Scorpion is part of a larger process. We have many years of experience within a multitude of industries such as automotive, fish farming, food industry, offshore, furniture manufacturing, solar wafer and aluminium.  The software is sold globally and more than 10000 licenses have been sold.

Scorpion 3D Stinger™ is a family of machine vision components and software products. They provide simple, state of the art and cost-effective building blocks for OEM and system integrators