VisionX – OEM Image Processing Component

Oslo, Norway – 29. December 2004

Contact: Thor Vollset, Managing Director – Tordivel AS

Scorpion VisionX presents exciting new OEM opportunities for Vision System Integrators and Software Developers. With VisionX Image Capture and Advanced Processing is added to any application without any programming. The VisionX component contains the following elements:

  • Scorpion Vision Software Image Processing
  • DirectX interface to Windows Cameras
  • Camera Viewer with zoom, measurement, save and overlay graphics
  • Python Scripting Engine

Typical application areas are: Machine Vision, OCR, Pattern Matching, Object Counting, Object Location, Surveillance and Gauging. Below a sample label verification application is shown:

The combination of Advanced Component Technology, Scorpion Image Processing and Python Scripting makes Scorpion VisionX a low-cost, robust and fast way to add Image Processing to any Windows Application or to make Machine Vision Products.

TORDIVEL AS is a Machine Vision company located in Oslo, Norway working within the following business areas:

Scorpion Vision Software

– Global distribution, training and support of Scorpion Vision Software

Scorpion System Solutions

– Delivery of Vision systems in Norway and Sweden

OEM Solutions

– Custom vision solutions based on Scorpion Vision Software

Scorpion Vision Software is a registered trademark of TORDIVEL AS.

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